Casino Tricks to Keep the Game on


Online casino owners and operators are no dummies when it comes to methods and means to bring players through their “doors” and keep them playing at their establishments. The most well-known “trick” at all brick-and-mortar casinos is the lack of clocks.


The idea here is that we tend to lose track of time when we are engaged in an entertaining activity. We have all experienced this sense of time drifting by without us being aware of it. With no clocks adorning casino walls, it is not difficult to simply let time slip away deep into the night or early morning without reminding us of tasks we need. Dealers at the brick and mortar casinos often don’t give out the time and are instructed not to wear a watch.


On-line casinos don’t have the no-clock advantage, as most computers have a built-in clock that sends out the time when you are playing at an online casino.


Attract the Player


So, what are some of the ways in which online casinos draw us in and keep us engaged? You will notice online casinos often mimic the real casino experience with music, flashing lights, and attractive “free” offers to entice players. Often sites will flash on their home screens a sampling of the larger prizes being offered at some of their progressive games.


This is a big draw to most players, as almost anyone would like to think that with a relatively small bet they have the chance to win thousands! Some online casinos also offer players the opportunity to play for free or provide bonuses for money spent. These offers are a good way for casinos to attract new players and to keep the regular players playing.


Everybody Wins


Another way online casinos attract and keep players is through making sure nearly everyone wins something. Nothing gets a gambler’s adrenaline pumping like a near big win, which next to actually winning, provides a thrill and makes us think we have taken money from the casino. But casino operators are not stupid, and realize if they gave out money to everyone who almost won, they would not be in business long. So casino games, whether a table or machine, are designed to pay-out small wins in the short run, but eventually take more from you in the long run. How many times have you played a slot machine that constantly makes small pay-outs while always being one cherry or car or whatever away from the big jackpot? Players sometimes get the impression they are winning, but the casino always has the edge.


That being said, it doesn’t mean you will lose all the time, or that you won’t ever win one of those big prizes. Ask the Swedish man, who in 2013, had an extra special Christmas when he won over four million pounds playing an online slot game called Arabian Nights by Net Entertainment at an online casino. At the time, the man became the second largest inner the online casino had ever seen.

And perhaps most importantly of all, the fact you might not win a big jackpot doesn’t mean you won’t have a good time. It’s that fun and dreams of that big jackpot win that keeps players coming back.


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